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QuickBooks PHP DevKit – open source QuickBooks + PHP library

We build, maintain, and support the QuickBooks PHP DevKit- an open source PHP library for communicating with QuickBooks.

If you’re looking for information on how to connect QuickBooks to your PHP web application, you’ve come to the right spot!

QuickBooks Python DevKit – open source QuickBooks + Python library

Coming soon!

PHP Full-text Search – pure-PHP full-text search engine library

Coming soon!

Our Wiki – QuickBooks wiki and some other misc. wiki content

Head on over to our QuickBooks integration wiki for qbXML examples, advice on what type of QuickBooks integration to build, code examples and documentation, and more.

Our Forums – QuickBooks integration support and Q&A

Head on over to our QuickBooks integration support forums if you have questions to ask about the QuickBooks DevKits or other general QuickBooks questions.

Open-Source Projects

Contributions are graciously accepted to help fund the continued development of the following open-source projects: