QuickBooks Merchant Services payment module for OpenCart

Charge credit cards on your existing OpenCart website, using your QuickBooks Merchant Services account.

This payment gateway is for QuickBooks/Intuit Merchant Services and the OpenCart open-source shopping cart system. It acts just like the other built-in payment gateways for OpenCart, and hooks into your existing QuickBooks Merchant Services account.

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Want your orders transferred into QuickBooks automatically too? See our QuickBooks + OpenCart Connector.

Supported versions of OpenCart:

  • all versions 1.4.x
  • all versions 1.5.x
  • all versions 1.6.x
  • using another version? contact us, we can help!
  • You may have to call Intuit and have them turn things on for you – tell them you want to “process online payments via my online web store” and they can turn it on for you.
  • This module charges credit cards – it does not transfer orders into QuickBooks. If you want to transfer orders into QuickBooks automatically, we do that too.
  • Payment gateway
  • Support/troubleshooting if you have any problems
  • Installation (if you need us to install it, we can do that for you at no charge)

OpenCart Payment Module

Charge credit cards using QuickBooks Merchant Services in OpenCart.

Price: $125.00 USD