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I noticed you wrote this here (

consolibyte wrote:

Sorry, I don't right now. But, if you find something you're missing, let me know what it is and I can usually add it pretty easily. Or, if you post up what you need, I can tell you if it's available. As a general overview, what's supported right now is something along the lines of:

Add/Update/Get- Invoices, Customers, Purchase Orders, Vendors, Items, Accounts, Sales Receipts, Classes, Units of Measure, Bills.

The major limitation is it doesn't support iterators, so if you need to pull a large # of records out of QuickBooks the QuickBooks_API classes can be difficult to use.

Is there any way to add Delete? I am more than willing to help if you can get me started. I write super clean OO PHP (and i prefer my brackets on a new line as well wink ) I am working on a project that uses your SQL sync read-only to retrieve records and the API for updating. Seems to be going well so far (also no need for iteration when i can SQL limit and offset), but no delete. So I figure if it's not there, I'll make it myself and share. OR If you'd be willing just to add "delete customer" i may be able to fill in the others. Let me know man!

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Hi Jeremy,

It's definitely possible to add support for deletes without too much effort. If you want to add it yourself, shoot me an email or an instant message and I can get you started on things.

If you're familiar with Subversion, it would be best if you joined and then request to join the PHP DevKit project ( so that I can grant you subversion commit access.

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I joined up and sent a request to the group. I PMed you as well.

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So I was adding in some stuff like the QBXML/Schema/Object/ListDelRq.php and the _doDel and deleteCustomer method... I ended up with producing some nice QBXML outputs like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <?qbxml version="8.0"?>
                <QBXMLMsgsRq onError="stopOnError">

Even though this validates just fine i keep getting this error:

-2: No registered functions for action: ListDel

What am I doing wrong here?

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QuickBooks Online Edition, or some desktop version of QuickBooks?

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Well the test server is running the free Simple Start Deluxe version of 2010, but it validates clean in both.

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Callbacks will have to be added to QuickBooks/Callbacks/API/Callbacks.php named ListDelRequest() and ListDelResponse().

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That did the trick!

Here is my review:

1. I got $API_client->deleteCustomer() working, using a _doDel that i slightly modified from _doMod.

2. I added the QuickBooks/QBXML/Schema/Object/ListDelRq.php file.

3. And I added callbacks here:

consolibyte wrote:

QuickBooks/Callbacks/API/Callbacks.php named ListDelRequest() and ListDelResponse().

I will do some more testing before I commit my changes and let you take a look and clean it up if you like (i'm sure you know how your framework runs best, I've just scratched the surface so far). Thanks again for all your help!

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Sounds good to me. Some of the API stuff is a bit crufty, so feel free to clean up if you see things that are a bit nasty.

Let me know what else I can do to help.