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I've been working away, however I have an issue that I cannot seem to find any information on.

I am wondering how I can input an invoice and also add backorder information? Currently, If I add the products and send it to quickbooks, it will ignore that and add the full amount ordered, without backorder. is there any way to resolve this, so it will automatically recognize when quickbooks is out of stock?


Re: Invoice backorder Generation

The API works the exact same way that the QuickBooks GUI works generally.

What are you doing in the GUI to do this?

Re: Invoice backorder Generation


what I am trying to do is just add a number for  backordered on the invoice. on the GUI I would just click on the backorder space and enter the number. I can't seem to find a field on the OSR for this in invoiceAdd.

I'm also trying to make this work by adding a sales order created off of the same form, in the event of backorders, and linking them in quickbooks. However when I attempt this I get an error 3000 (Link to Transaction ID Not Valid). i'm not 100% sure but I think this has to do with quickbooks web connector trying to load the sales order and invoice at once, and not recognizing that the previous sales order is the reference. is there any way to make them load in separate?

Re: Invoice backorder Generation

I've never seen any version of QuickBooks show a "Back ordered" field that you can just enter onto an invoice. You should probably post a screenshot of what you're seeing.

If you're having a problem with a qbXML request, you have to post the qbXML request.