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Hey Keith,
have you looked at doing an integration with Presta Shop before?  I just created a online store for someone using it and the latest version is really sharp.

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Hi Tom,

I haven't looked at PrestaShop before, I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the tip.

I do currently have integrations for Foxycart, WHMCS, and Infusionsoft (with E-Junkie coming soon) that I'm offering as a pay-per-month service (over here: Do you think you/your client would be interested in helping to test and/or possibly paying a small monthly fee ($10 to $20/month) if I built a PrestaShop integration? Any idea what features they would be interested in?

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I would be very interested to know if you have any progress on PrestaShop or Zen Cart?  I am not a developer or professional web person at all, just a store owner who would like to possibly expand my revenue a bit with an ecommerce site.   I am hosted by Hostgator and have tried for over a month to get some of the other open source shopping carts to work, including Opencart, with no luck.  There is certainly a lot that I don't know, but usually between documentation and Googling, I am able to figure things out.  This has proven to be too much for me, and trust me, I don't give up easily.

Also, has there been any luck in getting inventory to sync back and forth between your software and Quickbooks POS? This is very important for my setup.  Thank you!

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Hi Sandy,

We have a working Zen Cart plugin. We don't have a PrestaShop plugin right now, but if you send me an e-mail we can chat about requirements and I'll see what we can do.