I am trying to launch interactive mode for the Web Connector.  I have the following hard coded for testing purposes:

public override string getInteractiveURL(string wcTicket, string sessionId)
     return "http://localhost:60199/help.html";

This method is hit during debugging, and returns the string; however, a browser with the URI above is never launched. Instead, I get the message "Invalid URI: The URI is empty".  Relevant message in the QWCLog.txt file:

20150813.22:44:40 UTC    : QBWebConnector.SOAPWebService.do_getLastError() : Received from getLastError() following parameter:
20150813.22:44:40 UTC    : QBWebConnector.SOAPWebService.do_getLastError() : errorMsg="Interactive mode"
20150813.22:44:40 UTC    : QBWebConnector.SOAPWebService.do_getLastError() : Launching QBWebConnector interactive mode.
20150813.22:44:41 UTC    : QBWebConnector.SOAPWebService.goInteractive() : Exception going interactive: Invalid URI: The URI is empty.
20150813.22:44:41 UTC    : QBWebConnector.SOAPWebService.do_getLastError() : QBWebConnector has successfully launched interactive mode.
20150813.22:44:41 UTC    : QBWebConnector.SOAPWebService.do_getLastError() : Received error from application: Error going interactive: Invalid URI: The URI is empty.

Any one else receive and resolve this error?  I have looked at the sample code in WCECommSample and there is nothing special, as far as I can tell, that is being done for returning the URL in the getInteractiveURL method.

Any clues as to how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.